Our Story

Austin and Oliver are a mother and son duo, creating quality apothecary products from their garden to your home. Austin is an herbalist and plant whisperer for over 10 years, and Oliver brings the fun, excitement, and creativity into our products, allowing for extra love, intention, and a little magic in each bottle.
There was a time in my life where I had to decide between two paths; take anti-depressants or find a holistic way of balancing my hormones. My first intention was to find products that were already on the market but the problem I kept facing was that nothing was actually natural, with ingredients that were not sourced from a garden. Everything was so mass produced and I didn’t believe that it would benefit me in the way I needed.

I started to research more and more plants and their benefits. I found a select few that I loved and had benefits that anyone could use and were safe for all ages. At that time, I found a book called Herbal Goddess by Amy Jirsa with a recipe for making healing oils. This is where my journey began. I made a batch of oils and my friends ended up liking them and so I made more.
As time has gone on, I’ve been able to learn different ways of producing quality products in ways that can provide benefit to all. My love for plants and love for wanting to help people in anyway I can has developed into a business that I could have never imagined.
At A&O, I grow our plants from seed or out-source from other local growers. We believe in the benefits of using garden-grown, fresh-picked herbs to produce our hand-made oils, perfected with love.

Beauty and purpose can be found in every plant. Each oil has its own intention, created for specific purposes that are meant to heal the mind, body, & spirit from the inside out. I’m here to help share this information and spread some love through our products!

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