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How I've Found Success in all Areas of My Life


  When first creating A&O Organics, my goal was to help people find alternatives for pharmaceutical medicines, have a career path that I enjoy, and to be able to be home and around for my son. Through this journey, I had dreams and goals of becoming fully financially stable but ended up finding a balance of success with my time, energy, and finances. I didn’t realize when I first started that everything could be aligned in the perfect package for what I truly wanted. 

  My story truly begins from when I went from a stay-at-home mom finances fully covered to becoming a single-working-mom with no financial support. I lived in dark times of depression, desperation, and complete loss of how in the hell I would get to my goals. I wanted to make butt-loads of money so I could afford a home for my son and I but also, be able to be around for him no matter the circumstance. I wanted to work from home and still have the time to go to my son's school events, sports games and practices, or even just take a day off to go have fun. I was never willing to sacrifice the time I wanted with my son. This created a lot of stress and desperation because I needed money to get by. I wasn't willing to work a "real full-time job." The struggle was trying to find a career path that brought me joy, excitement, and allowed me to be myself 100%. What came along with that was finding something that allowed me to be financially sustainable, having the time to take care of myself and enjoy time with my son, and above all, create something that allowed me to stay in a space of joy of life and career. 


  Through this path, I’ve been able to overcome the personal, physical, and inner blocks that had always held me back before. It wasn’t until I truly let go of my past and resentments and worked on my mindset, did I find the success I had always dreamed would happen. I have gone from living in my parents’ house, not even a glimmer of knowing how to pay off debts, and no hopes for ever seeing how I could have every aspect of living the life the way I want. Fast forward to now, I am paying off debts, being able to be present in my time and my mindset for my son, and affording a home for us to continue to grow as our own little family unit. This journey has taken a lot of trial and error and truly figuring out what it is that I wanted out of life. I had to allow myself to open up to the possibilities of what life could be and break free from the programmed mentality that had set me back so many times before. It wasn’t an easy process and took me several years to figure out but the work and time had been well worth the tears because of where I can say I am now and where I plan to continue to go.

  When I first started my business, I sold my products at local craft shows and events. I started with a few but then over-extending myself thinking that if I go to more events than I’ll make more money. What ended up happening was I became burned out, lost money in the process, and ended up resenting what I was actually doing. There is nothing worse as a crafter to go to an event and have no one buy what you make. After two years of creating products, I had given up and closed shop. I was exhausted from bouncing around from event to event and emotionally discouraged from the lack of money I was making. I found myself in a constant state of desperation and hopelessness. I tried to expand to different avenues that I found joyful but my creative side still wanted to be released. It wasn’t until a friend had encouraged me to make more products did I come back to what I had fought so hard for before. Yes, this was a slow process of figuring out what I wanted but I have created a business that allows me to work two days a week and make more than enough money to supply for my little family's every need. Once I let go of how things are “supposed” to be, is when I was able to become more of myself than I had ever imagined, which inevitably, made my business boom.

  Many people think that you need to “work your life away” to make the money that truly satisfies your bank account. But in reality, it’s important to satisfy your heart and find the joy within to create the space for abundance and prosperity. I have learned that when you know YOUR joy and what you truly want out of life, that is when you can radiate on a level that attracts the life that you truly want. 

  I went from being a single-mom working part-time making no money TO being a single-mom with confidence, working part-time, and making more than enough money. I was never willing to sacrifice the life that I wanted just to make my bank account happy. I always had a specific lifestyle that I wanted which consisted of me being able to be myself 100%, be 100% sustainable of my time, energy, and finances. Through the consistent work on my mind and business, have I been able to have the life I want without sacrificing anything and I want to help as many people as I can to achieving the same success in a way that is tailored to them. We all have our own versions of success but sometimes it takes a little help to get where we want to go.

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