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About Us


Reliable Experience

There was a time in my life where I was prescribed anti-depressants…

I knew that wasn't the path that I wanted to take so I searched for alternatives. The problem was...everything that I found that was "natural" or "organic" STILL had added chemicals to the products!

That's where this line was born! The want and need to having PURE, from the plant products that help you heal from the inside out!


We Truly Care

Our focus is on giving you the purest product possible for all of your everyday medicinal needs!

Creating oils straight from the plant! From our garden, to your home!


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Beauty and purpose can be found in every plant. Each oil has its own intention, created for specific purposes that are meant to heal the mind, body, & spirit from the inside out. We're here to help share this information and spread some love through our products!

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Contact Us

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Natural Selection Apothecary, Duck, NC

Elizabethan Gardens, Manteo, NC

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At Secotan Market in Wanchese, NC

Saturday's 8am-12pm

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